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Costa Avra

Chief Operating Officer + Founder
Costa Avra - Chief Operating Officer + Founder

Costa Avra Group prides itself on providing clients with the personal attention and level of service they require to make an important decision such as purchasing or selling a home. Rely on a professional partner who listens to your needs, asks the right questions, provides honest answers and looks out for your best interests. Whether you are looking to put an architectural gem on the Crete real estate market or are searching homes for sale, every element of the process will be looked after with great care and skill.

Nikos Pontikakis

Managing Construction Director + Partner
Nikos Pontikakis - Managing Construction Director + Partner

Nikos Pontikakis and our company supplies construction services at Chania- Rethimno and Creta area since 1990. Our main skills are the creative and high quality construction of temporary and traditional houses and of professional buildings that preserve the taste and satisfaction of the owners. We are always impatient to deal with any request and idea on clients properties and to complete successfully that challenge with our high qualified collaborators and working teams.

Our construction company is included within the most reliable and responsible companies in construction field in Crete for the projects and the construction of temporary buildings, big scale missions, interior reconstructions and renovations and of high creativity decorations of private and professional spaces. With focal point the technology an the high quality we create quality that last.

We offer a series of  advanced materials and services and we are also specialized on metal frame constructions and stone constructions.

Eva Hatzimanolaki

Enterprise Architect + Partner
Eva Hatzimanolaki- Enterprise Architect + Partner

Architect Eva Hatzimanolakii took her Basic Diploma of Architecture, at National Technical University of Greece, Athens in 2001.

Eva had much interest to investigate on Subjects such us: Bioclimatic design, renewal energy sources (gentle), thermal comfort, traditional and contemporary constructions.

So she made her student lecture on Vernal Thermal Comfort at traditional (house with arch) of Crete in 1999 and her final project on Block design in 2001, based on bioclimatic concept, incorporating traditional, popular, and contemporary artistic ideas on planning.

Eva also followed lessons at School of Architecture “Ecole d’Architecture Paris Vale de Marne” in Paris in 2000, with references on protection and temporary interventions on architectural monuments.

She made her master studies at Technical University of Crete, at the Department of Environmental Engineering, on “Control of environmental quality and environment management” in 2003.

Eva works on housing design since 2002 in Crete, and she has had cooperation with technical and construction companies, while retaining her individual technical office for Architectural Projects & Constructions in Kounoupidiana – Hania – Crete. Eva has a big experience on the design of exclusive villas and house blocks and their adaption on the natural landscape and environment «More details»
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