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Crete is a strong market and new construction is enjoying a steady market. There are almost no vacant lots in the central core available so builders are buying older homes that are often in disrepair but that are located on desirable lots and scraping off the old and building new.

Pride of Crete House , Costa AVRA & Co will partner up with an investor and build a home to be sold upon completion. The builder works on a split of the net profits with the investor after the project is sold to the end buyer. The percentage of the split of profits is determined by how much cash the investor contributes to the transaction or in some cases the investor owns the lot and contributes that to the project. Pride of Crete House , Costa AVRA &Co will contribute cash, construction line of credit and services to the project.

Please contact us for more information on this type of investment.


If you are looking for consistent high yields on your passive investments then please consider investing in a Mortgage Pool Regulation D Security filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Historical net yields to investors can be found posted at our web

Just like the stock market there is no guarantee of the ROI (return on investment), however most Mortgage Pool Securities are performing at return rates of 10% or better. Pride of Costa AVRA & Co Fund performs substantially higher than a 10% return.  Mortgage Pool Securities are becoming the more desirable real estate investment for the future by taking advantage of the unique niche opportunities not being serviced by traditional lenders.

Basically, a Mortgage Pool is an investment vehicle where investors desire to spread their investment (and thus the risk) over several loans secured with short term notes in first lien deeds of trust at a low loan to value ratio of 65% or less. The minimum investment in Pride of Costa AVRA & Co Fund is € 3,000.00 although one full investment unit requires an investment of € 1,000.00

Pride of Costa AVRA & Co is a superb investment vehicle for retirement accounts.

Please contact us for more information on this type of investment or click through to Pride of Costa AVRA & Co Capital Partner www.CreteHouse.com
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