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Costa AVRA &Co operates a Managed Rental Service for clients who require a professional service for their clients ensuring very satisfied customers who want to come back for another holiday at your property. (see attached Rental Package information sheet)

1. Pool Maintenance from 30 cu mtrs to 50 cu mtrs and pools up to 100 cu mtrs

(note cu mtrs of water not surface size sq mtrs)

2. Arrival and Change-Over cleaning of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed houses

3. Mid-Stay cleaning of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed houses. Linen change and laundering option at extra cost

4. Garden Maintenance, example covering a plot size of approx 3oo sq mtrs with approx 100 sq mtrs of garden, assuming a pool of about 30 sq mtrs.

5. Meet and Greet service at clients premises. Collecting from an airport would involve different costs. We do have the use of a van with seating for 4 plus the driver although it is not ideal for clients coming on holiday. Therefore we would normally arrange a taxi or airport transfer specialist to collect clients and meet them at the premises

6. Welcome Packs

7. Linen Hire available from stock if required. Please give at least 1 weeks notice of this requirement

8. Hotel Register books with official receipts, providing the premises are being rented officially with an EOT Licence.

1. Pool Maintenance inclusive of standard maintenance chemicals and professional cleaning equipment

To maintain a pool up to 30 cu mtrs - €25.00 per visit

To maintain a pool up to 50 cu mtrs - €35.00 per visit

To maintain a pool up to 100 cu mtrs- €45.00 per visit

Should this be the only service being used, we reserve the option to make an additional charge for travelling expenses and fuel

See information sheet

2. Arrival / Change - Over Cleaning inclusive of cleaning chemicals linen change and equipment

To clean a villa/house prior to the arrival of guests or owner

1 Bed - ​​​​​​​€60.00 per visit

2 Bed​​​​​​​ - €80.00 per visit

3 Bed​​​​​​​ - €90.00 per visit

4 Bed​​​​​​​ - €130.00 per visit

See information sheet

Laundering add €5.37 per change

Laundry Costs – Single sheets €1.07

Double Sheets €1.20

Pillow Cases each €0.64

​​ Bath Towels each €0.64

Hand Towels each €0.57

Above costs include collection, delivery and collection from laundry and delivery back to the property.

3. Mid – Stay Clean without linen change, inclusive of chemicals and equipment

To perform a Mini-Clean during a clients stay

1 Bed​​​​​​​ - €40.00 per visit

2 Bed​​​​​​​ - €45.00 per visit

3 Bed - ​​​​​​​€65.00 per visit

4 Bed - ​​​​​​​€80.00 per visit​

See information sheet

Linen Change and Laundering add €5.37 per change of all linens

Plus Laundry Costs – see prices above

4. Garden Maintenance inclusive of all equipment. Please note this service is not to be confused with Garden Rescue see separate info sheet

Generally we can only quote for this service after a site visit to ascertain dimensions condition and plant stock. However, as an example, please consider the following as described above for an 100 Sq Metre garden:-

Trees, hedges, shrubs will be pruned, flower beds and rockeries weeded, grass cut with edges trimmed and any irrigation system checked. Patios and paths will be swept and kept weed free.Walls, fences and boundaries will be regularly checked with any damage or repairs being logged and communicated to the owner, with photographs, if serious. Cost to include all the above €42.38 up to 100 sq metres per visit

See information sheet

5. Meet and Greet at premises €30.00 per visit

We will arrange, by appointment to meet and greet clients at their premises, handing over keys and informing them of any ‘House Rules’ and leaving them with a contact telephone number in case of emergencies

Our charge for this service up to 1 hour per visit 8am till 7pm Monday to Saturday €30.00 Extra hour or part thereof €17.00

Between 7pm and 9am Monday to Saturday €40.00 up to 1 hour per visit. Extra hour or part thereof €22.68

Sunday service €40.00 up to 1 hour per visit. Extra hour or part thereof €22.68

See information sheet

6. Welcome Packs are available and can be placed at the premises prior to guests arriving. Prices start from around €20.00 for our standard pack.

7. Hotel Register Books and Official Income and Invoice Receipts with new legislation being implemented by the Greek Tax Authorities we will be in a position to operate this system for villa owners renting their properties officially, who already have an EOT License

Please refer to our web site for further descriptions covering each of the above and how we will operate a Property Log Book.

Note – We reserve the right to make additional costs to cover fuel in travelling to and from clients premises.

This quotation is excluding V.A.T.

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