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History of Crete

Crete, the southern paradise of Greece, is exceptionally gifted and diverse. It represents a mixture of awesome landscapes, that deserve to be painted by the best geniuses, the irresistible nature, great culture and absolutely special atmosphere.

The blessed land of ancient kingdoms dates back to the prominent Minoan civilization (3000–1050 BC). Centuries ago Crete was populated by merchants, who brought a beautiful prospering culture and unique arttraditions to the island. The highly sophisticated Minoan civilization was named so after the outstanding King Minos’ palace in Knossos discovered in the early twentieth century. That was the very place where they kept the flesh-eating Minotaur, the fearsome beast of King Minos.

Crete knows how to leave you astonished. It is a home to amazing tombs, sacred sites and ancient structures, whose walls take you back to the prominent old times. The list of tourist attractions is too long, so those who like historic excursions have a great time in Crete. It is a perfect destination for an extraordinary journey and no other Greek island would compare to this one. Once you step on its land, you desire to be lost for some time, visit its mountain villages, laze on its big white-sand beaches, slowly walk along its rocky bays, taste the best of its dishes and enjoy its nightlife.

Crete has always been generous to people although it had tough times too, for example, during the boom of piracy when Rome was increasing its power, the Turkish-Venetian War1645-1669 or when it was occupied by the Germans in 1941. But its natural wonders are still there, no bloody wars and no political squabbles will ever be able to change it.

The island has its own linguistic trademark called “Mandinades”, charming rhyming couplets dating back to Renaissance times but still recited by Cretans when they gather and have fun. These people are so proud of their heritage and traditions and treasure each page of the Crete’s history book. They have a unique music, art, food and crafts, which remain to be genuine even under the European influence.

The history of the island is closely related to legends and myths about Minos, the King of Crete, Poseidon and the Minotaur. And walking around the ancient, but still well-preserved ruins is like touching the mysterious history with your own hand. Crete has a big variety of great historic museums for everyone craving for knowledge, new impressions and unforgettable experience.

It is actually amazing how this unbending, rebellious and stubborn land with its deep-rooted religion, culture and traditions, contrives to be dynamic and quite modern. It takes the best from the outer world but strictly preserves its spiritual and historical treasures, its mystical beauty and mysterious stories.

As your life goes, do find a chance to visit this place, it may truly showcase the best on the entire earth and the deepest good inside of you.


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